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Apr 11 '14

trying to find a tattoo artist in eastern pa who’s also a bright eyes fan… deleware, montgomery, berks, schuylkill county plz.

any recommendations? 

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Apr 5 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is the new album Upside Down Mountain just Conor Oberst singing alone or is it with the Mystic Valley Band included singing there own songs too like with Outer South? Either way I am very happy to hear that he is still doing what he loves despite all the drama around him.

lots of people are on the album with him


Conor Oberst, voice (1-13), guitar (1-13) 
Jonathan Wilson, guitars (1-3, 5-9, 11, 12), percussion (1-3, 7, 8, 11), keyboards (1-3, 7, 8, 12, 13), bass (2, 3, 7, 12), drums (2, 3, 7, 11, 12), voice (2, 3, 11), piano (7), organ (7), glockenspiel (12) 
Andy LeMaster, bass (1), guitar (1, 7), voice (6, 7), percussion (7), drums (7), keyboards (12) 
Cully Symington, drums (1, 5-8), percussion (1, 5-8) 
Klara Söderberg, Johanna Söderberg, voice (1, 3, 8, 9, 11) 
Joshua Grange, pedal steel (3, 5, 9) 
Nathaniel Walcott, trumpet (3, 11), piano (6, 11), organ (11), keyboard (11, 12) 
Scott Vicroy, saxophone (3, 11) 
Pete Madsen, trombone (3, 11) 
Blake Mills - guitars (4), keyboards (4), percussion (4), voice (4) 
Macey Taylor, bass (5, 6, 8, 9, 11) 
Orenda Fink, voice (6) 
Ben Brodin, vibraphone (9) 
Leslie Fagan, flute (9) 
John Klinghammer, clarinet (9) 
Mike Mogis, pedal steel (11) 
Corina Figueroa Escamilla, voice (11, 12) 
Jason Boesel, drums (12) 
Omar Velasco, guitar (12)

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Mar 31 '14

hi, conny. i had recently gotten my third cassadaga themed tattoo & felt that i should share

this is soooo gorgeous!!

hi, conny. i had recently gotten my third cassadaga themed tattoo & felt that i should share

this is soooo gorgeous!!

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Mar 29 '14

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Mar 24 '14

The songs of Upside Down Mountain


First song: There are also some surprising musical moments, for instance: In the first song, there is a drum fill that can only be described as Phil Collins-ish. (Seriously, you can feel it coming in the air tonight.)

Enola Gay: Working all day in the control room / Mashing Charles Manson songs up with show tunes / The feelings come quick but they leave as soon / Like music from a passing car.”

You Are Your Mother’s Child: There’s a line from “You Are Your Mother’s Child” that I loved the first time I heard it, and when I mention it to friends who’ve heard the song, they all remember it too. It goes: “Broken bones heal if you set them right / Get your fine-toothed comb from the Barbicide / Our love’s a protective poison.”

Kick: And Upside Down Mountain is not without its party tunes. “Kick” is a rock song with a guitar hook, apparently addressed to a hard-partying member of the Kennedy clan. By the time it gets to the chorus — “I thought they shot that Camelot” — you’re singing along.

Zigzagging Toward the Light: Another one: “Zigzagging Toward the Light” ends in a 30-second guitar solo thick with nasty ’90s distortion. It is the very sound of anguish. Then it stops, all of a sudden, and we hear the happy strums of “Hundreds of Ways.”

Hundreds of Ways: “What a thing to be a witness to the sunshine.” It’s such a wonderful moment of the music doing just what the words describe.

Governor’s Ball: The horn section on “Governor’s Ball,” a song about a kid getting lost at a music festival, could be the arranger’s riposte to the preceding lyric: “Why not?” (A: Just for fun.)

Night at Lake Unknown: Probably the prettiest moment is the last section of “Night at Lake Unknown,” featuring what to my ears sounds like vibraphone, flute, clarinet and, um, bubbles.

Common Knowledge: But the line I really love, the one that made me sit up and wish I had written it, is from the last song on the record, “Common Knowledge.” It seems like all four verses are about the same friend, some guy who’s “washed up, bitter, broken, busted,”

This might be a good place to note that I’m reporting these lyrics and instrumentation as I’ve heard them. I can’t guarantee that I’ve got it all correct. I’m working without liner notes. You know what’s the easiest way to get those? Go out and buy the record.

By Dan McCarthy


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Mar 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

are you like sure its all bullshit? because i am so stressed over it all still?

10000000000%… it’ll all come out eventually i hope

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Mar 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

like conor oberst hasn't collected enough money from emotionally unstable women already..

that’s actually a hysterical observation tbh

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Mar 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

How do you think she could even tell the truth at this point? I wonder what possessed her to tell such hurtful lies in the first place.

she can recant and avoid a million dollar lawsuit..

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Mar 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm seeing Conor live over the Summer, and I was wondering, does he ever play songs from like Bright Eyes etc? I've seen Bright Eyes and Desa before, but never Conor on his own, and I've seen a few people posting that he's been playing poison oak? Sorry that this is such a stupid question, I'm just curious!

when he’s solo he can play anything i definitely recommend going!

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Mar 20 '14

Anonymous asked:

No updates then on if she will tell the truth? Doesn't she read this blog though? Won't she know that she needs to, and then people can move on. You know, this scandal ruined my birthday, effected my sleep and recovery (sounds pathetic but). But you know, I'm not that mad at her even now, I just wish she would tell the truth

same here… not even upset, just want the truth at this point from her mouth. she used to obsessively refresh my blog, but now she just comes around a few times a day. so it’s not like she doesnt understand what’s happening. i guess she just doesnt care? or doesnt know how to come clean after all the lies? but it’s definitely past time. 

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