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Aug 19 '14



Conor Oberst - Ladder Song - live & dedicated to Robin Williams Freiheiz…

This tugged on my heart strings.


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Aug 19 '14

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Aug 18 '14

Conor’s New Bling.


Conor’s New Bling.

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Aug 18 '14

Conor Oberst throws holy water at the crowd (x)

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Aug 17 '14

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Aug 17 '14
I think the biggest thing I hope comes through with the songs in empathy for the fact that we’re all kind of in this together. And whatever plight or suffering you might feel, or have endured—everyone else has too. Maybe worse. Maybe more. Maybe less. I think that’s one great function of music and art and communicating through this abstract symbolism, is just that it can ring really true. It can soften the blow of living. You can realize that, OK, maybe some of life is completely unpleasant. But the fact that you can understand it and you can see it in other people and you can empathize with them, it softens the blow. I know that’s what I get out of listening to music.
— Conor Oberst, 2004 (via annotatedconoroberst)

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Aug 16 '14

i’ve gotten a few asks saying they dont want to buy or take over my blog, but they would like to send me money either because of something over the years of me running it or through my efforts with the allegation this year. either way, if you would like to, you may do so here.  it’s your choice how much you send and it’s through paypal so it’s secure to send. 

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Aug 16 '14
It’s basically Conor Oberst ranting about how he created the Saddle Creek record. He actually asks “have I told you about Saddle fucking Creek records?” to which his friend says “I don’t think you have”. So Conor says he put out all this avaunt, sad-sad, folk shit, and new-wave bands, and it’s all “a fucking load of bullshit” and “he’s fucking fed up”. And then his friend says “haha, you might wanna think about what you’re doing in there… who you’re fucking with.” (More laughing), and then his friend says in a completely serious voice, “Oh shit, check your FUCKING mic”. Implying that we weren’t supposed to hear this background conversation. I’m pretty sure it’s a secondary joke.
— Unknown, on the background voice in the Fevers And Mirrors mock interview. (via wolveress)

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Aug 14 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you think there will be a Desa song about the Ferguson situation?

i hope so. the more awareness for it the better! the police should be ashamed.

they’re working on an album now… so maybe if it isnt finished yet they’ll have some inspiration when they read the horrible facts. 

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Aug 12 '14


Conor Oberst and First Aid Kit - Haldern Pop Festival
Photos by Marc Gommans

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