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Aug 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

I really like u, and idk why people say such terrible things. Don't care about this unpleasant people, they're just jealous, maybe they have their own blogs, but they haven't got followers or fans as much as u. Of course u want others to read your blog, but this is fucking normal. IF YOU DON'T LIKE HER BLOG, JUST DON'T READ IT, AND NOT WRITE THIS AWFUL THINGS! SHE IS JUST HUMAN BEING, AND SHE CAN FEEL SAD BECAUSE OF YOU!

thank you =/

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Aug 1 '14

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Aug 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

Your a selfish BITCH you put yourself in that shit for attention not to help anyone out

uh attention?

from who?

assholes like you who tell me how horrible i am? the few nice people who said thank you?

if you mean conor, he never even said thank you to me or any words at all about it or anything else. so i’m not sure who you feel i vied for this attention from? 

i’m sick of getting messages like this. i’m answering one in hopes they stop. this is the tamest. 

i tried to do the right thing for everyone involved and i’m starting to regret the entire thing. 

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Jul 31 '14


Conor Oberst at the 2014 Newport Folk Festival

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Jul 31 '14

Conor Oberst relaxing after his set at newportfolkfest


Conor Oberst relaxing after his set at newportfolkfest

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Jul 31 '14


Conor Oberst in Central Park 7/29/14

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Jul 31 '14


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Jul 31 '14

Anonymous asked:

I want to propose to my girlfriend in September at a conor oberst show. Do you think there is any chance to somehow contact conor and have him help me and propose to her before he plays a song?

if you have twitter maybe tweet something to team love and conor oberst’s accounts? social media is amazing sometimes.. 

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Jul 31 '14

Central Park SummerStage on July 29, 2014 in New York City. Photo by Taylor Hill

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Jul 30 '14
Conor says goodnight to NYC #summerstage

Conor says goodnight to NYC

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