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Sep 14 '14



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Sep 13 '14


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Sep 12 '14

Anonymous asked:

Anyone going to the Houston show? I am broke and wasn't going to make it this tour but I won a ticket so I'm driving there from Louisiana. Just wanted to know if anyone has an info on the House of Blues there. Like, the area it is in and such.

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Sep 10 '14

presale tomorrow at 1030 am for tickets to conor oberst at the grammy museum in LA 10/7

on sale 9/18

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Sep 9 '14


Conor Oberst is back and as sad as ever

Conor Oberst, formerly known as Bright Eyes, has been the de facto king of music’s sad white dudes since his 1998 album Letting Off the Happiness. Sixteen years later, he’s released “Common Knowledge,” his latest video from his recent solo album Upside Down Mountain. Set 10 years in the future, the clip is a follow-up to Mountain’s first video, for “Zigzagging Toward the Light,” which ends with a massive nuclear explosion devastating present-day Manhattan. Things seem to have gotten worse since the apocalypse, and the new clip follows Oberst as he wanders his label’s abandoned office, thinking more about his own pre-existing sadness than the aforementioned nuclear apocalypse.

More super sad moments | Follow micdotcom 

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Sep 9 '14


Recording “Upside Down Mountain” at Blackbird Studios (January 2014)
Photos by David McClister

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Sep 9 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you remember what's said at the end of the original Common Knowledge video? I didn't see it til today and now it's driving me nuts that you say it was changed but I can't find the original anywhere!

said something along the lines of….

is there anything you wanted to do?

well, i wanted to go in a hot air balloon

what is that?

it’s kind of like an airplane. but slower and prettier (or something to that effect?)

the original was deleted from owner it’s gone unless someone already downloaded it and has it saved somewhere 

Sep 8 '14

pretty sure i found the new conny oberst

if everything works out i’ll introduce you guys in a few weeks!

i hope you’re all excited because she’s literally perfect to take over. i’m so serious. 

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Sep 7 '14

Anonymous asked:

First version of video he speaks of hot air balloons at the end. Now it just ends w the voice saying " u were a gentle species, but that wasn't enough.

If u go back to nonesuch website or search new on YouTube it’s the new ending. The one I posted on my FB as soon as it came out still plays old ending. Weird huh?

i went to the youtube video i posted a few days ago here and it still has the air balloon ending?

oh but you’re right

there it is different. 

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Sep 7 '14

Before playing Moab  (x)

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