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Jul 24 '14


Windows Down Mag Exclusive: Conor Oberst Performs At The Koko in London on July 18.

Check out more photos from the show on our Flickr.

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Jul 24 '14


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Jul 23 '14

10 notes Tags: tw rape conor oberst this is a good article one of the best i've seen since the whole thing unfolded.

Jul 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi, this is the anon that went to high school with Joanie. I just wanted to say - thank you for publishing your part. I spent high school being subjected to her lies and drama-mongering - NO ONE deserves to be on the receiving end of that bullshit.

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Jul 23 '14


So, two years ago I was in a digital art class and we had to make music videos as a project. I made a music video for Conor Oberst’s song “Moab”. It was a pretty bad video. I messed up the audio and stuff, but the main trend in my video was Conor playing on an old tv in the middle of a field…
Today I got on YouTube and saw that Conor had posted a new music video for his song “You are your mothers child”I was shocked when I saw the similarities.

This is my video

This is Conor’s new one


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Jul 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

How did you initially find out about the comments on the xojane article?

this lady… she posted the comments on her tumblr and tagged them. i found them that way.

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Jul 22 '14

Anonymous asked:

after everything shes done im mad he dropped suit

i mean… it’s not his job in life to punish her for all the horrible things she has done. she has her karma to deal with. 

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Jul 22 '14


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Jul 22 '14

flippant---thoughts asked:

what other conor blogs would you recommend?


zacknipper (not a conor blog but so cool)



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Jul 22 '14


Important post about Conor Oberst

I haven’t posted about the recent allegations against conor oberst, a musician i admire, as I have been conflicted about what to believe. Obviously I believed them when I first read them, but didn’t post shit about it because I was aware that I just didn’t know. However, after reading this post I feel shocked. Before this, I was adamant that nobody lies about this sort of thing, but unfortunately someone has. Yet, we must be aware that this is only one person, and someone who seems unstable, so I am glad he has dropped the libel suit.  What upsets me the most is that many Bright Eyes fans have gone through assaults and abuse and their music has helped them through it. And now, we find that they have been triggered and hurt for nothing more than a hoax. I think this post by the blogger connyxoberst is very important, more important than any legal document, and I feel people need to read it. It is all very sad, and it always was, 

bolded for emphasis 

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