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Dec 14 '11

my BIG 20,000th post video. it’s like 45 minutes long. but yeah it’s ALMOST everything. i’ll make a much shorter one of the things i forgot. if you want. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! ok?

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  1. looseleaves answered: i love the little kitty running back and forth
  2. butji answered: the most perfect thing i have ever seen
  3. whoissydney answered: I really loved the video, Nichole. you’re such a special person. I’m so glad to know you!
  4. croonsorbet answered: flip flops this is 45 minutes long omG jkdfshfjkdhjkdfshjkfdskjdsf
  5. hatedaddiction answered: I would leave my grandmother in a wheelchair. lmfao. This is the best.
  6. midnightorhighnoon answered: I was watching this in class and the girl beside me kept asking what i was smiling and laughing about. :P
  7. asdoneasthesun answered: aww<333 i love you too nichole! great video
  8. empty-picture-frames answered: :)
  9. neverremember answered: <3 awwwwww love you sosomuch. can’t wait for new years eve.
  10. victoria-delrey reblogged this from connyxoberst and added:
    i actually watched this whole thing. you’re adorableeeee
  11. starter-wife said: This video makes me so happy. I respect you so fucking much.
  12. spacepixie answered: i don’t kno you conny but u seem so freakin cool
  13. connyxoberst posted this