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Nov 18 '12

Conor Oberst record collection. 

I really hope you’ve seen this! It’s incredible. My brother goes on Reddit a lot and the guy who posted this commented on his post of his Bright Eyes record collection about how he should put his up and all that… well yeah this is it and it’s like everything by Conor, not just BE. I guess it’s safe to assume that this is the guy who “cut his nightmares out of paper”. Anyway, check it out. It’s amazing!!

holy cow!!!

i’m not sure if it’s zack nipper’s post.. he has a blog that he shares cool conor stuff on tumblr i would think he would post it there instead of imgur but i could be wrong idk


35 notes Tags: conor oberst bright eyes commander venus mystic valley band desaparecidos everything else but monsters of folk submission does this not bother anyone else??? like i want to mail him the LP and cd

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    this makes me want to cry, i am so fucking envious
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    Wow.I have never ever been so jealous in my life.
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  7. twisting-kaleidoscopes said: Wow! I have half of this, but none of the really cool things like test pressings and the cassettes and a couple of the rarer 7”s
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