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Jan 7 '14

Anonymous asked:

i do think the fact that they responded is surprising and the message itself wouldn't have made me feel suspicious if they hadn't needed to say they were contacting a libel attorney. him having an attorney is not a shocker but needing to put that in does seem like a threat to me. this is not an influential company or person attacking him.. its a married mother of three with no real platform. a blog comment is not a public statement. opening up a libel suit would be idiotic from a legal pov.

also i’m pretty sure he, as a public figure, has to prove malicious intent which she’s said time and time again publicly after her comments blew up that she had none of. 

she definitely felt threatened by that part of the statement and felt like he was putting her in a position of being a victim all over again, which is sad. the other sad part is that him saying that, DID scare her. so now to protect herself she contacted a lawyer. which she never would have done until reading that. i cant even IMAGINE what her lawyer is going to advise her to do in this situation. i read in the conor tag someone saying this could have “the streisand effect” on conor for threatening a legal issue. and i’m afraid that very well just might be what is going to happen here. 

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