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Jan 8 '14

Anonymous asked:

It seems like you've made your decision and you're completely believing her despite all the proof against it, why is your blog still dedicated to someone you believe is a rapist? Btw victim blaming is not questioning someone who accused a celebrity with a solid alibi (being STATES AWAY) about their increasingly inconsistent story.

she’s said it was on her birthday which is january 25th. she got the year wrong, which we all know by now. she said it was 2003. 

but what was right was the band she said it happened during did play the venue she said it happened at on her birthday, just one year prior in 2002.

everyone is acting like every detail was off. the year/age she turned (which is the same thing really) was the only mistake. i’m sure if she realized her initial comments were going to go viral this way, she either wouldnt have posted them at all, or would have put a lot more thought into the exact date. 

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