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Feb 26 '14

Anonymous asked:

woah let me get this straight - she is now saying she didn't make them comments? also, just wondering, how did you get a copy of the documents? as i take it your not in contact with her any more?

yes, as far as i know that’s the story she’s still sticking with. we arent in contact anymore, she stopped responding after i gently confronted her about some of the inconsistencies and bizarre information i was finding. i really wish her the best and i appreciate that no one is coming out harsh against her, and instead celebrating conor’s positivity. she is sick and she made a mistake but conor deserves for her to tell the truth because of how damaging this has been for him. i hope she’ll learn and heal and grow and be able to move on from this once it’s all cleared up one way or another. she really is a genuinely sweet and nice person. it’s just sad. all around for so many people. the documents are public record and have been quoted by numerous news sources, i just posted the full document for the fans to read themselves to judge and better understand without revealing too much about everything.  

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  1. directionlessfeeling said: a lot of times people, especially companies and public image staff, etc., will throw a high number out to scare people into honesty and cooperation. i doubt they’ll expect a million dollars out of this woman.
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